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God Bless The U.S.A.

Welcome to our little corner of "The Web"!

A little disclaimer... I'm still learning about all this stuff... please consider it a work in progress and check back soon.  I would appreciate hearing any comments you might care to make... a link to my email address is located at the bottom of each page.  Thanks!

We're here mostly because I got tired of saying "Uhhh... I don't have one" when asked what I had on my web site.  I guess that was kind of strange since I have been heavily involved in the "online world" since 1982!??!

Aside from family I have three passions in life, airplanes, Corvettes (and cars in general) and motorcycles.  I hope these few pages will somehow allow me to "share the experience" with you.

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A beautiful mid-year from the NCRS Florida Regional in 2001

My '96 Heritage Softail Classic

Where it all started